Furuno RMC-200 Infrared Remote Control for NAVnet VX1 RDP-139 VX2 RDP-149 MU120C MU155C MU170C

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  • Furuno RMC-200 Infrared Remote Control
  • For Furuno Displays: VX1, VX2, RDP-139, RDP-149, MU120C, MU155C, MU170C, RDP-130, RDP-131, RDP-143, RDP-148
  • For Furuno Systems: NAVnet 1 - NAVnet VX2,  1722, 1722C, 1723C, 1724C, 1732, 1732C, 1733C, 1734C, 1742, 1742C, 1753C, 1762, 1762C, 1763C, 1823C, 1824C, 1833, 1833C, 1834C, 1933, 1933C, 1934C, 1943, 1943C, 1944C, 1953C, 1954C, 1964C, FMD1920C, GP1700C, GP1720C, GP1920C
  • Manufacturer: Furuno
  • Part Number: RMC-200
  • Condition: In Stock, Ready to Ship! This unit is in excellent physical condition and was removed from a boat that received a total electronics refit. See Photos. Guaranteed in good working order and covered by a 14 day return policy. This listing is only for what is shown in the photos. No other parts or pieces are included.