HD Power Solutions 10-83 Battery-Over-Temperature Protection Thermal Probe Cable

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HDPSI offers the Aqualine Plus Regulator, which is a “smart” three-step regulator based around an embedded micro-controller. It contains a number of features that ordinary regulators do not have. These features are intended to optimize the charging of expensive batteries, to protect delicate equipment, like halogen lamps, and to provide special features, such as battery equalization. This regulator is a “high-side”device intended for use with “P-type” alternators only. It cannot be used with alternators which are regulated through the ground-side of the fieldwinding. 

  • HD Power Solutions Battery-Over-Temperature Protection Thermal Probe Cable 
  • For: POWERLINE 10HD Series Aqualine Plus Alternator Regulator
  • Length: 25' ft.
  • Manufacturer: HD Power Solutions, HERE Power Solutions, HDPSI
  • Model Number: Thermal Probe
  • Part Number: 10-83