Rifeng 050-300-R 1/2" Red PEX Flexible Potable Hot Water Tubing by the Foot

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  •  Marine Grade Quick Connect Semi Rigid 1/2" Crosslinked Polyethylene Red Hot Water Hose Tubing
  • Rifeng PEX pipe is produced with crosslinked polyethylene. 
  • Crosslinking is obtained through a chemical process that increases the bonds between macromolecules to form a more complex structure than the normal polyethylene. 
  • Due to the crosslinking, the polyethylene's performance is greatly enhanced and maintains the excellent properties of thermoplastics. 
  • Offering excellent corrosion resistance, incredible flexibility and unusual toughness,
  • Rifeng PEX pipe allows for fast and easy installation.
  • Rifeng PEX Tubing is NSF listed, FDA recognized
  • Material: Cross linked polyethylene
  • Working Pressure: 160psi @ 73.4º F, 100psi @ 180º F, 80psi @ 200º F
  • Manufacturer: Rifeng 
  • Model Number: 1/2" Red PEX Tubing
  • Part Number: 050-300-R (SOLD BY THE FOOT) 
  • Also Known As: Bluefin T050-300-PAP