Sea Tel 116714 1898 Boat Marine Coastal 18 Satellite TV Dome and Antenna

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The Coastal 18 is small in size, but big on features with Sea Tel’s superior quality and performance in satellite television at sea. It has a compact 18” dish that is perfect for small yachts, with a wide coverage range while maintaining a compact size. The Coastal 18 features a 2-axis stabilization system with enhanced reception that rivals most 24” systems.

A small, lightweight antenna with a classic, clean design and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition. Sea Tel’s Coastal 18 features a wide coverage range and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition. Other features include DVB (digital video broadcasting) signal identification, Sea Tel’s proprietary antenna control and fast-track signal lock software, plus high-performance stabilization and satellite tracking even in inclement weather. The Coastal 18 will support multiple receivers and its programming extends worldwide.

  • Manufacturer: Sea Tel
  • Model Number: Coastal 18
  • Part Number: 116714, 120627-1
  • Also Known As: 1898
  • Condition: In Stock, Ready to Ship! This unit is in excellent physical condition and was removed from a boat that received a total electronics refit. See Photos. Guaranteed in good working order and covered by a 14 day return policy. This listing is only for what is shown in the photos. No other parts or pieces are included.