Shields 16-101-1120 NO-ODOR 1-1/2" X 2' Premium Marine Reinforced EPDM Sanitation Hose

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**When measuring your hose for replacement be sure to measure by the Inside Diameter (I.D.) to find correct hose size.

Don't forget to get some Hose Clamps. See our other listings for Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hose Clamps. USCG regulations and ABYC Standards  require double clamps at each connection. 

  • 1-1/2" X 2' Series 101 NO-ODOR Premium Marine EPDM Reinforced Sanitation Hose 
  • I.D. (Inside Diameter): 1-1/2" in.
    O.D. (Outside Diameter): 1-55/64" in.
  • Length: 2' FEET
  • Primarily used for head to holding tank and holding tank to Pump Out.
  • Can easily be slipped over most fittings and the polyurethane cover is extremely abrasion resistant. 
  • Heat, weather, ozone and abrasion resistant.
  • Material: Smooth white neoprene inner tube with two textile fabric plies, glossy black polyurethane outer cover
  • Shields Sanitation Hose is kink resistant and flexible.
  • It has an EPDM tube and cover, it is wire reinforced and has two fabric plies.
  • This sanitation hose is resistant to toilet chemicals, odor permeation, ozone, salt water and heat.
    This hose is primarily used for toilet to holding tank, holding tank pump out, and maximum resistance to odor permeation.
  • Bend Radius = 5 x I.D.
  • Temperature Range: -22° to 195° F
  • Manufacturer: Shields, Sierra International, Seastar
  • Series Number: Series 101 NO-ODOR
  • Part Number: 16-101-1120, 116-101-1120
  • Also Known As: Trident / MPI 101-1120
  • Condition: New! In Stock, Ready to Ship! No returns or exchanges accepted for cut hose.