Simrad BSM-2 000-10138-001 Broadband CHIRP Sounder FishFinder Module

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The ultimate fishfinder echo-sounder module for professional users and deepwater anglers, the BSM-2 uses the latest technology to deliver unprecedented depth penetration, resolution and clarity.

The professional standard Simrad BSM-2 builds on the ground-breaking BSM-1 unit that revolutionised fish finding with its quantum leap in the clarity and detail of the images that it generated. The Simrad BSM-2 introduces fresh advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and frequency sweeping pulse compression (CHIRP) technology. 


The ability to transmit a longer pulse combined with the improved DSP and CHIRP capabilities not only delivers amazing mid-water range (300-600' / 91-182m) resolution, but also enables the Simrad BSM-2 to penetrate to depths of 10,000 ft (3000m) and reveal precisely defined individual targets at all ranges in unprecedented detail. These innovations offer serious sport fishing anglers fine grained pictures with individual fish picked out both near the bottom and underwater features, and throughout the water column. 

The first such fishfinder to demonstrate the benefits of CHIRP, the Simrad BSM-2 utilises both new broadband and existing narrowband transducers to their fullest potential. Put simply, the Simrad BSM-2 Broadband Sounder offers a leap forward in performance and an unbeatable every depth. 


The Simrad BSM-2 is fitted with dual transceivers and uses two separate transducers to transmit simultaneously on high and low frequencies. The longer pulse is transmitted for greater depth penetration and as it requires less power than a higher frequency signal it makes less noise. The result is a `whisper' into the water that locates the fish without disturbing them. The higher frequency signal gives even finer detail at shallow to mid-water depths. Users with broadband transducers can select from a range of frequencies to best suit the conditions in which they are fishing. 

CHIRP maximises the sensitivity and resolution of the sonar systems by modifying the frequency of the transmitted pulses to improve their auto-correlation properties. The return signals, already superior to those generated by conventional sounders, are then processed by the new DSP software and displayed in ultra-sharp detail on the display unit.

Together the combination of extremely efficient pulse generation and advanced digital processing has created a system that will outperform any 3kW system, and with lower power consumption and decreased noise. 


The Simrad BSM-2 has dual transceivers and is fitted with two depth transducer ports (low and high frequency), as well as supporting two independent temperature sensors. The unit operates at maximum capability with high performance Airmar broadband transducers supporting 25-45kHz, 40-60kHz, or 130-210kHz options. It is also compatible with existing 28/38/50/200KHz BSM-1 narrowband transducers with 5K/10K thermistors and a provided cable adapter, and Simrad Combi-C transducers. CHIRP is not enabled with these last two installations. 

The dual port configuration options are as follows:
CHIRP #1: 130-210kHz or 40-60kHz
CHIRP #2: 40-60kHz or 25-45kHz
Narrowband #1: 200kHz or 50kHz
Narrowband #2: 50kHz, 38kHz or 28kHz


The Simrad BSM-2 is the perfect unit for dedicated offshore sports fisherman and professional boats looking to give their clients the best possible experience. The unit will also be valued by deepwater commercial and research organisations.

Fully compatible with the Simrad NSO and NSE multifunction display units, and ideal for installation as part of a Simrad Yachting integrated navigation system.

Part Number: BSM-2 000-10138-001

Condition: In Stock, Ready to Ship! This unit is in excellent physical condition and was removed from a boat that received a total electronics refit. See Photos. Guaranteed in good working order and covered by a 14 day return policy. This listing is only for what is shown in the photos. No other parts or pieces are included.