Simrad Taiyo TD-L1550 A Synthesized VHF Automatic Digital Direction Finder

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Designed for direction finding and receiving International VHF channels, U.S. Weather Channels or Scandinavian Fishing Channels, and 121 .5 MHz distress frequency with its compact main unit.
This model provides a unique homing indicator as well as digital readout. Homing indicator is consist of 18 LEOs, and digital readouts are in one degree increments.
The digital display shows the bearing, the channel and gives a reading of the signal strength on a level meter as a measure of distance. TD-L 1550A with data output facility (NMEA0183 format)

  • Marine Compact VHF Automatic Digital Direction Finder with data output facility (NMEA0183 format)
  • Automatic Direction Finder, Dual bearing indication type
  • International VHF channels, U.S
  • Weather channels, 121.5MHz preset
  • Wave form: F3E
  • Dual bearing indication of Digital (numeric LCD) and Analog (bar LED)
  • Scan receive up to 100 channels/10 groups
  • Up to 100 Spot frequencies memoriable
  • Output bearing data in NMEA-0183 format (included)
  • Standard antenna : 4 elements adcock antenna (NOT INCLUDED)
  • See Manufactures Site Here for Details
  • Manufacturer: Simrad Taiyo
  • Part Number: TD-L1550A
  • Also Known As: TD-L1550
  • Stock Code: 01-04-A-01-03-106
  • Condition: In Stock and Ready to Ship! This unit is in excellent physical condition and was removed from a boat that received a total electronics refit. NO POWER CORD INCLUDED See Photos. It appears to have very little to no use. Guaranteed in good working order and covered by a 14 day return policy. This listing is only for what is shown in the photos. No other parts or pieces are included.