Viega 50033 Pure Flow MiniBloc 1/2" 3 Port Zero Lead Brass PEX Crimp

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The Viega 3 Port MiniBloc can be used as a zone manifold, or as an expansion to an existing Manbloc system.  The Minibloc is a unique plumbing water distribution system that can provide dramatic water and energy savings. Each fixture in a house (e.g. shower, kitchen sink, toilet) is fed by its own flexible water distribution line, made of PEX tubing, that runs directly from a central manifold systems, either Viega MANABLOC or minibloc. Combined with Viega PEX tubing, the MINIBLOC offers additional benefits to both the plumber who is installing the system and the homeowner who uses it.


PollyAlloy PEX Crimp MINIBLOCs provide a zone manifold for the plumbing system. These MINIBLOCs use 1/2" distribution lines. All PollyAlloy PEX Crimp MINIBLOCs include port Crimp connections. 


  • 3 Port Viega Minibloc - 1/2" Crimp Fittings
  • Supply Adapters must be purchased separately and are required to install this product.
  • Can be used for HOT or COLD
  • T-Handle is included with this MINIBLOC
  • 53601: MANABLOC Supply End Cap does not come included and must be purchased separately.
  • Requires 1/2" PEX Full Circle Crimp Tool.
  • The MANABLOC plumbing system carries a maximum pressure/temperature rating of 100 psi @ 180degreeF. Excessive pressure to the MANABLOC will cause leaks.
  • Do not allow chemicals such as PVC glues or solder flux to come into contact with the MANABLOC. They will compromise the integrity of the MANABLOC and cause leaks
  • Features:Zero Lead
  • Manufacturer: Viega
  • Model: PureFlow Minibloc
  • Part Number: 50033, 40033 
  • Also Known As: SHURflo 8-645-00